Alternative Names: Tilzzy

Tilzz's Skin

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Revealed


Tilzz is a student in the USA. Originally from Sweden she has close ties with her close friend and neighbour Braigar. Despite all of her injuries Tilzz has taken the passion for horse riding and has even made videos of her riding in the beautiful lush fields a top her steed. Tilzz is said to have broken almost every bone in her body from all sorts of accidents. Tilzz is known as the "Ender Lady" of the server and despises end farms as the captivate her brothers. Tilzz has started a business with her companion Braigar called BT builds. Tilzz has built different projects under this company's name and although the name is tarnished for not delivering there request Tilzz is still a kind hearted person. Tilzz has participated in build teams with Braigar and are even said to have been apart of a Jesse cox adventure map build team. Tilzz has brought humour and awesome builds to the server and is hoped to still do what she does best.

Series Edit

Demon SMP


Tilzz IRL

Sakura Projects Edit

  • Flower Shop
  • Tilzz's Building School
  • Tilzz's Village

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Spawn Hobbit Hole
  • Dark Forest Home

Other Information Edit

Tilzz is know to play Team fortress 2 and also played Rust with some of the other Sakura members. Tilzz is energetic and filled with interesting and hilarious stories. She is known to have close ties with Braigar, Shadow, and Robert. Tilzz is know as one of the servers better builders and is thought to excel in interior decoration as well.