Alternative Names: Spell, Spelly

SpellSword's Skin

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: Canada

Face: Never Seen

Biography Edit

SpellSword was one of the more active members on the Sakura Season 01 map. SpellSword takes a approach to Minecraft and wants to make the best out of his time on the server. He is known for his gold farm on the Sakura Season 01 map. SpellSword takes a huge passion for vanilla Minecraft and likes to take tons of time to gather the necessary materials to get the insane projects done. He is also one of the three Canadian members that populate the server. SpellSword takes a big passion for mapping and learning new mechanics and how to manipulate the game in any way to create awesome mechanics in the game. Not much is known about SpellSword's life outside of YouTube

Series Edit

Minecraft Map Making Mechanics


Sakura II

Minecraft Map Making Avalon

Sakura Projects Edit

  • Spawn farms 01, Automated farms, The Wizards Hat, The End Farm 01, Spawn farms 02, Nether Hub, Gold Farm, Man Made Temple, Villager Breeding, Automated Brewing Station, Flatlands

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

SpellSword was the first new member to the Sakura server. He takes passion for the server and likes to keep in mind the technical aspect and practicality behind the projects. SpellSword makes it his responsibility to maintain the server and keep it a well oiled machine. SpellSword spends a lot of time in survival on the server but also does a lot of behind the scenes work with testing, Mapping and different mechanics. SpellSword started as a CTM map maker and is working on his first map Treacherous Terrain 1 "The Crysalist Caves" . SpellSword does CTM map Lets Plays and also loves the game from witch YoutTube was introduced to him, "Skyrim" SpellSword doesn't share much information about his life outside gaming and remains one of the more active members on the server,