Alternative Names: Shadow

Shad0w's Skin

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Never Seen

Biography Edit

Shadow is a student in the USA. Shadow is one of the server's more active members. Shadow is known for his experience in Photoshop, he has made stream overlays for some of the other members like Insiodine, and HiROs. Shadow also makes custom for the members when they feel they need a change. Shadow has been know to adventure and and discover new places on the server at convenient times. Shadow was able to assemble valuable materials early in the server reset and have used them to craft useful utilities like enderchests.

Series Edit

Sakura II

Lords of Minecraft

Sakura Projects Edit

  • {None}

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

Shadow was added at the beginning of the Sakura II map not allowing him to complete/start any projects on that server. Shadow is known to play on the lords of Minecraft server with Braigar, Min and other members. As his name might suggest he is into shady stuff. Shadow is a very big follower of creepy stories/pastas. Shadows most popular one to share is the Russiann sleep experiment. despite Shadow's randomness and funny actions he still remains a mysterious figure.