Alternative Names: Robert

Rhyenoh Skin

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Revealed

Biography Edit

Rhyenoh has no know occupation. Rhyenoh is a active member who was recently introduced to Minecraft on the PC as he use to play only in the Xbox. Rhyenoh has a natural ability to be funny. Watch any of his videos and you will come out with a smile. With his derpy answers, excuses and just his personalty he has the ability to give the group a good laugh.

Series Edit


New Vegas


Lords of Minecraft

Sakura Projects Edit

  • {None}

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

Rhyenoh joined at the end of the Sakura Season 01 map, leaving him no time to start any projects. Rhyenoh has included a lot of comedy sketches at the beginning of his videos. Rhyenoh has been very active on the new map reset and has gone and started his own base and trying out new building designs.