Alternative Names: Chris, Insinodino, Sio

Insiodine Skin

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Revealed

Biography Edit

Insiodine is a student in the USA. He has been a part of many projects and build teams. Insiodine is known as one of the best builders on the server. Insiodine takes building to the next level, from detailed temples to houses he can make it look amazing. Insiodine is very active on the Sakura SMP server. Insiodine is in close ties with Cupcake and Alumio. He is also refereed to as "Nick's Son" as their skins are almost identical. Insiodine is also known for his outstanding PvP skills and strategies.

Series Edit


Lords of Minecraft

Sakura Projects Edit

  • Town Hall, Ice spikes house, Guardian farm, End Farm 01

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Town Hall

Other Information Edit

Insiodine is a part of many projects and plays all sorts of games including but not limited to; CS:GO, Space engineers, Grid 2, Borderlands, Skyrim, and Team Fortress 2. He plays CS:GO with Adam and Alumio making up one of the CS:GO Players in the community. Insiodine is a calm and cool headed guy. Insiodine has been a part of build teams for all sorts of projects and his experince surely shows. His dedication to complete massive builds, just adds that much more to the Sakura world.