Alternative Names: Hiro(Hero), Kyle


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Revealed

Biography Edit Edit

HiROs is a student in the USA. HiROs is one of the servers most active members with his consistent streams and activity's he is always up for some fun. HiROs is know for his coding brilliance and his great effort into a secret Sakura project. HiROs has surprised the members countless times with his expertises. HiROs can read the game code as he understands the Java language. He has worked on multiple plugins and was a part of a Bukkit. It has been rumoured that he has helped with the famous "MinePlex server.

Series Edit Edit


Minecraft Singleplayer

Vechs' CTM Waking Up

Lords of Minecraft

Sakura Projects Edit Edit

  • {None}

Sakura II Projects Edit Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit Edit

HiROs joined around the end of Season 01 not giving him a chance to make progress on the season 01 map. He has been very active on the new season 02 map. It is hoped that he will be doing videos on the new server. HiROs also plays on the Lords of Minecraft server with Braigar, Min, Robert, Shadow, and more from time to time.