Alternative Names: ImETtheAlien

Gender: Male

ET skin

Age: Unknown

Country: Canada

Face: Revealed

Biography Edit

ET is a college student from Canada, ET makes up one of the three Canadian members on the server. ET is really busy with school and its hard for him to play and make videos with his schedule. ET has also has played Lords of Minecraft with Braigar and some of the other members. ET has been know to play a lot when he can but can go long periods of time with out playing when he is busy.

Series Edit


Lords of Minecraft

Sakura Projects Edit

  • Enchanted Book Shop, Gallifrey

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

ET Has built a nether tunnel on the Sakura Season 01 map to replicated the intro to Doctor Who, ET is known for his Sci-fi builds and projects. ET has provided a massive and successful store at the spawn of the Sakura Season 01 map.