Alternative Names: Austin, Legitcupcake, Parazion33, Austin Pz

Gender: Male

Legitcupcake (1)

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Never Seen

Biography Edit

Cupcake is a student from the USA. Cupcake is apart of a YouTube channel consisting of three other members. He has stopped uploading as of now and it isn't known if he will continue. Cupcake is in close ties with Alumio and Insiodine. He is a fairly active member on the Season 02 map and has already started on a few small projects.

Series Edit


Sakura Projects Edit

  • Cupcakes village, Mancave, Rabbit collection

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

Cupcake plays has started to play Team fortress 2 with some of the other members,