Alternative Names: {None}

Gender: Male

Crow2800 (1)

Age: Unknown

Country: Canada

Face: Never Seen

Biography Edit

Crow is a student from Canada and makes up one of the three Canadian members on the server. Crow is known for being one of the better builders on the server. Crow hasn't revealed a lot of IRL information, but we do know that he is a stereotypical Canadian Hockey player. Crow hasn't been very active on the Sakura server although when he started he played quite a lot. Crow hasn't uploaded many videos but has plans to start, and not to just stick to Minecraft. SpellSword is the only known brother/relative to him.

Series Edit

League of Legends Highlights


Sakura Projects Edit

  • Witch Farm, Guardian Farm, Potion shop, General Generations shop

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Unknown

Other Information Edit

Crow plays League of Legends with SpellSword, Insiodine, Angel, and Tmask from time to time. Crow loves and enjoys making detailed builds and farms. Crow takes a passion for mapping, in particular adventure maps; no word has been said on any release of a map, but he is closely tied with SpellSword as they both work on Map Making Mechanics, and he is the creator of some of the mechanics featured on SpellSword's Channel. Crow has been very helpful when it comes to fixing bugs on the server, and works closely with SpellSword to make the necessary changes. Other than that Crow has a passion for shadows, and stays to his catch phrase "Birds of a feather, flock together".