Alternative Names: Jan, Dino, Brai Brai,

Braigar Skin

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Country: Norway

Face: Revealed

Biography Edit

Braigar is an actor from Norway. He has been in many short films and has shared them with the Sakura community. Braigar is known as one of the server's best builders and has even made a company with Tilzz called "BT Builds". Braigar plays a lot on the Lords of Minecraft server and the Sakura server. He is a very friendly person and easy to get along with, say hi to him if you ever come across Sakura's Derpy Dino.

Series Edit


Sakura II

Lords of Minecraft

Lets Build 1.8

Sakura Projects Edit

  • Sakura Spawn Roads, BT Builds, Nether Hub, Fairy Tale Guild Hall, Broadcating Station, Spawn decoration, Braigar's Village, Dragon Egg Tower, Braigland, Mancave, and Prison

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Team GG's Base, Town Hall & Mountain Top House.

Other Information Edit

Braigar plays a lot of Lords of Minecraft with; Insiodine, Min, Robert, Hiros, ET, Shadow, and more. Braigar is know for his funny IRL intros and outros. He is know for his swimming intro and using the iconic "Find it" song in his videos. Braigar collaborated with tons of people on the Sakura season 01 map and is expected he will do the same on the season 02 map. Braigar does shorter 5-10 minute videos due to his "bad" upload speed. His videos are extremely entertaining and funny.