Alternative Names: Austin, GoGSnipe, Alumio24

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Country: USA

Face: Never Seen

Biography Edit

Alumio is a student in the USA. Alumio is an active member on the Sakura SMP server with an ambition to do bigger projects. Alumio has stopped making YouTube videos unfortunately and it is not known if he will return.

Series Edit

Captive Minecraft

The Outskirts of Sanity


Sakura Projects Edit

  • End Farm 01, End Farm 02, Gold Farm, Beacon Collecting, Underwater Base, Spawn house, Villager Breeding.

Sakura II Projects Edit

  • Team Carma$'s team base

Other Information Edit

Alumio plays a lot of different games including but not limited to; CS:GO, Minecraft, Skyrim, Garry's Mod, and the Borderlands series. Alumio is a very active member playing all sorts of games with the group. Alumio is know to have close ties with Insiodine and Cupcake.